Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tunesday: Crystalline

This incredible song was released at the end of June and I can’t believe I didn’t share this with you sooner.  :( “Crystalline” is a mostly electronic song, featuring a continuous ‘gameleste’ base and electronic beats and rhythm. After the bridge, the song features a gameleste solo, and consequently ends with an uproarious drum and bass section. The soundscape seems to be a hybrid of the musical style of her previous albums Vespertine and Volta, with undercurrent percussive elements from her album Homogenic This song is very true to her unique sound and this is why I love Bjork and ALWAYS will. Check out this insane instrument that was developed for one of her songs. Bjork isn’t for everyone but if you like killer rad music and respect a unique sound then she’s your kind of gal.
Only 28 days to go till she release Biophill It’s been four years since the release Volta…and that’s just too long.

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